Yale PSI Engines

  • Engines with Flex Performance Technology are engineered to:
    • Use of to 37% Less Fuel
    • Move 12,000 More Loads
    • Save Up To $23,000.00 In Operating Costs

Engines with Yale® Flex Performance Technology™ feature adjustable performance modes that allow you to maximize performance or fuel economy to fit your specific application requirements

  • Custom-designed for Yale by Power Solutions International 
  • Extended service intervals
  • Reduced periodic maintenance requirements
  • Improved operator ergonomics



Rigorous testing for heavy duty cyclesveracitor engine

30,000 Hours of testing
14,500 Hours of engine Dyno testing
17,000 Hours of driving
300 Hours of multi-axis simulation testing


Yale moves up to 12,000 more loads than the competition*

pallet chart


Use up to 37% less fuel compared to the competition*

fuel chart  


Save up to $23,000 in operating costs versus the competition*

cost chart

Mode 1 provides the optimum balance of fuel efficiency and productivity with reduced maintenance costs

* Information is based on results obtained using a test cycle to replicate a heavy duty LPG application run for 60 minutes in August of 2011 at our Counterbalanced Developmental Center in Portland, OR. Results may vary based on application type.