When determining the type of lift truck/forklift that might be required for your operation, it’s not as complicated as it might appear.

It all starts with the basics of the environment the unit needs to operate in:

  1. Weight -What is the maximum weight the truck will need to pick up and at what load center? Generally, it will be based on a standard GMA pallet that is 40” W x 48” L which is the industry standard for capacity rating based on a 24” load center of gravity (½ of 48”).
  2. Height – How high will you need to pick or place the load? Is it simply to pick and transport, or will it need to be stacked one pallet on another or placed in a rack system?
  3. Clearance- What is the lowest clearance that the truck will need to negotiate and get under in the application? (Dock door, trailer door, internal doorway, plumbing, lighting etc.)
  4. Aisle Width- What is the clear aisle width (pallet to pallet or rack to rack) that the unit will need to turn in and place or pick the load?
  5. Inside or out- Will the unit be used strictly indoors, outdoors or both? There are a variety of lift trucks that can accommodate indoor and outdoor use but based on the answers to items 1-4 may drive it to specific options.

These are the five basic items that start the process of determining what type of truck will work in a specific application. They are by no means all-inclusive but are the basis of narrowing down the options and there is not a “one truck fits all” answer as applications can be as unique as some products.

Liftech’s material handling representatives are experts in the area of application review and equipment. After a review of your requirements, they can assist you in choosing the best and most cost-effective solutions to fit your budget. Contact the representative in your area to schedule a site visit and see how we can bring more value to your business.

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