Post from Liftech CFO Mike Vaughan – Memorial Day

Actually, I feel inadequate more than just Memorial Day…. each day I look at the pictures that hang in my office from Omaha Beach and Point du Hoc on the Normandy coast. I often wonder what the brave men and women were thinking about that day amidst the extreme danger and peril of D-day. I hang the picture to remind me of what perseverance and courage truly represent. This empowers me to face the challenges we all face throughout our personal and business lives. This past weekend I walked thru Arlington National Cemetery and it reminded me that many men and women have faced challenges far greater than I. Some perished greater than 100 years ago yet their tombstone and the remembrance continues to inspire me. I am lucky to have the luxury of thinking about tomorrow whereas many men and women defending our freedoms can only think about what today brings. I am and have been very privileged to work with veterans of our armed forces at Liftech. Their value extends far beyond their daily duties because, as we interact, my mind and heart drifts to the same inspiration I feel as I look at the pictures hanging in my office or as I walk thru Arlington.

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