Even the myth of Robin Hood can inspire organizations of today. His motto of “steal from the rich and give to the poor” isn’t exactly what I was thinking. Rather I was thinking more in the lines of “take what you have already paid for and give to the needy”. What am I talking about? I have drawn inspiration from Derreck Kayongo who spoke at MHEDA’s 63rd annual convention. Derreck was a Ugandan refugee who saw waste in partially used hotel soaps and created an organization to collect and remanufacture used soap to send to Africa to help stem diseases caused by lack of things like soap. I began to think about my many hotel stays and the extra soap, shampoo, conditioner and toilet paper that I leave behind. Why not “take what I have paid for” and bring the toiletries home to donate to the local shelters and organizations that have a need similar to what Derreck saw? We have a box at Liftech where our traveling employees have begun accumulating the toiletries to donate to a needy facility. Its one of the many ways that Liftech Equipment Gives Back to the communities we live in!

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