Reducing Emissions

We develop our forklift trucks to respond to market needs…

Yale forklift truckYale has not only developed its forklift truck range to meet the requirements of emissions regulations, it has reduced emissions and fuel consumption in response to market needs.

On the popular 2.0-5.5t Veracitor® models and 8-16t forklift trucks, Yale has achieved fuel savings in several ways including:

  • The introduction of an optional ECO-eLo setting which reduces the engine governed speed by 20%.
  • Load Sensing Hydraulics (LSH) system which features Variable Displacement Pump (VDP) technology reducing the demand of the hydraulic systems on the engine.  It only delivers hydraulic flow when any of the hydraulic functions are activated – such as lifting, tilting or if the truck is equipped with a sideshift or an attachment such as a clamp or rotator. The hydraulic function is an “on-demand” system, which significantly reduces fuel consumption.