When preparing to do business with a heavy equipment dealer, have you ever considered their technological proficiency? Dealers that have embraced technology have gained efficiencies utilizing systems such as electronic work orders, telemetry on machines, and customer relationship management (CRM) to name a few. Traditionally, dealers have concentrated on the potential efficiencies within their company rather than from the customer’s standpoint.

From a customer’s standpoint, time is money and downtime is crippling. If a dealership has completely embraced the efficiencies gained through technology such as electronic work orders, telemetry, and CRM then they can provide the highest level of customer service in today’s business world. This all means that the support people at a dealership have a 365◦ view of a customer’s machine and can respond promptly to a problem that is causing downtime. 

The dispatcher takes a call from a customer with a problem and by utilizing telemetry, they can see where the machine is at, the active and inactive error codes, and then dispatch the technician with the appropriate parts to remedy the error codes. By not utilizing technology, the dealer is exposing the customer to additional expenses such as another service call and downtime. While at the customer’s location, the technician can see in the CRM that the salesperson was talking to the owner about performing a safety check on a piece of equipment. This safety check can now be completed without the additional cost of a van/mileage charge while the technician is already on site remedying the other issue.

You can see that the technology is providing a communication method that is instantaneous and all-encompassing. By maximizing the efficiencies gained, a dealership and customer can minimize downtime and increase profits.

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