Nuvera Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Six Value Drivers


What if your materials handling operation could achieve consistently higher productivity and lower operational costs, all while advancing your sustainability efforts? With hydrogen powered lift trucks, these aspirations can become your reality. By combining hydrogen fuel cell technology expertise with one of the largest and most progressive lift truck manufacturers in the world, a new prodigy has been born – Yale® lift trucks powered by Nuvera. With Yale lift trucks powered by Nuvera, you’ll be able to break free from managing multiple energy suppliers, and achieve an all-in one solution for a lift truck that is built to last – all while increasing the productivity and efficiency of your operation.

The Yale MPE060-080VG end rider, ERCVG four-wheel cushion tire and NR-DB narrow aisle reach truck models can be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The Hyster E30-40HSD3 Stand Up End Control models can, also,  be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, the performance of the vehicle’s power source does not degrade during use – instead delivering constant voltage until full depletion. Fuel cells take as little as three minutes to refuel from on-site dispensers, making the vehicles ideal for multi-shift operations. Further, no space is required for battery charging and storage.


Fuel cell-powered lift trucks are refueled in minutes, offering a highly productive alternative to the changing and recharging of lead acid batteries


Hydrogen dispensers can be located where operators need them. So grabbing productivity is easy


On-site hydrogen can enable cost-effective and efficient fuel supply. Practical hydrogen supply options are now in your hands.

And to top it off, adopting Nuvera hydrogen fuel cell technology has never been easier, and the operational benefits speak for themselves.

Increase productivity

o    Minimize fleet downtime by eliminating the need for battery changes and charging

o    Reduce operational bottlenecks by refueling in as little as two minutes, anytime at conveniently located dispensers

o    Avoid battery performance degradation with consistent fuel cell power


Reach corporate supply chain sustainability goals

o    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33 percent compared to lead acid batteries

o    Support workplace health and safety by eliminating off-gassing and toxic emissions 



Realize space savings

o    Reclaim significant indoor space previously occupied by battery charging and storage rooms

o    Utilize reclaimed indoor space to store and move additional product, helping increase throughput

o    Hydrogen dispensers (e.g. fueling stations) can be located outdoors or indoors using a small footprint



Hyster lift trucks powered by Nuvera branded Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology


Hydrogen: Nature’s Fuel (Making Fuel Cells)

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