Forklift Industrial Batteries & Chargers

Quality batteries are crucial to keeping your forklifts working continuously and properly. Industrial batteries also allow you to get the most out of your forklift.

 deserthogLiftech offers replacement batteries and will also provide service to an existing battery, if needed. We carry batteries from top brands EnerSys and GNB. Find the right battery based on your particular model that will provide just the right amount of power to get you working continuously and efficiently to avoid downtime.

See our detailed battery and charger videos: 

Enersys IRONCLAD Loadhog Batteries

Enersys IRONCLAD Superhog Batteries

Enersys IRONCLAD Deserthog Batteries

Enersys Fast Charge Batteries

Enforcer Ionic IMPAQ+ Chargers

Charging Options for Forklift Batteries


Liftech also offers battery maintenance. Scheduled service keeps your forklift battery operating properly and can reduce or avoid long-term repair costs. Various testing and inspections determine whether your battery is running well and meets all safety standards.

Liftech offers different batteries that acgnbcomplish different tasks. Some are better for short-term projects while others are ideal for daily use. Our staff will help you decide which battery works best for your equipment and application. Contact us to see which forklift battery is right for you or schedule a service appointment today!