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Keep up with the fast-moving pace of your job with the GP300-360EC Pneumatic Rider. Built strong to overcome the toughest challenges, this versatile and low maintenance truck is fitted with a 24-volt electrical system with an auxiliary 12-volt plug, allowing you to power through heavy duty applications.

Its durability and reliability will keep chugging away at the hard tasks with only 500-hour service intervals, increasing your uptime and enhancing productivity.

April 6, 2017

Subject: Yale Vision Level 1 Standard, Level 3 Optional on Big Trucks


As announced on February 9, Yale Vision Level 1 Wireless Monitoring is now standard on all Yale® Big Truck models. Additionally, Level 3 Wireless Access and Verification bundle is also available as an upgrade option.

Yale Vision helps you and your customers:

  • Proactively harness big data to drive fleet size and mix optimization
  • Identify and mitigate bottlenecks in the materials handling process
  • Create insights into operator behaviors that impact the cost of operations
  • View critical truck parameters that drive customer operating costs

Yale Vision – Standard and Optional Levels

Level 1 Wireless Monitoring – Standard

Shipping standard on all Big Trucks, Level 1 Wireless Monitoring with cellular (GMS) technology enables remote truck monitoring via a web portal of key operating KPIs such as usage tracking, impact sensing, key diagnostic fault code (DTC) tracking, fuel consumption rate (gal/hr), fuel usage (gal) and engine idle time among others. In addition, Level 1 Wireless Monitoring also includes GPS Snapshot, an innovative feature that utilizes global positioning systems to provide location summary. Customers can add GPS Motion as an option which provides “bread-crumbing” capability to track truck movement and identify congestion areas. Yale Vision includes a 60 month GSM data plan.


Level 3 Wireless Access and Verification Bundle – Optional

Customers can upgrade to Level 3 Wireless Access and Verification which equips the truck with a card reader that enables operator access control to the truck. This capability enhances operator accountability and performance by linking truck activities to a specific operator. In addition, an interactive display is included to allow the operator to conveniently conduct a customizable pre-shift checklist. Historical data is stored on the cloud for reference.

Yale Vision Key Features

  • Cloud-based system available 24/7
  • Convenient impact and diagnostic fault code tracking
  • Delivers insight into real operating costs (fuel usage)
  • Provides a tool for effectively managing your workforce, training needs, operator tracking and monitoring compliance with OSHA and MSHA
  • Includes 60 month data plan at no additional cost
  • User-friendly online portal accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Virtual real-time tracking of key parameters and metrics
  • Automated monthly reporting for truck or fleet
  • Scalable offering can tailor to fleet size