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This electric truck combines all the storage density capabilities of an operator-up turret series into a sit-down counterbalanced unit.

Its ability to work both sides of a 60-inch* wide aisle helps create more useable storage space for your operation.

To help your operators achieve higher productivity, the ERC045-070VG is available in a 36, 48 or 80-volt configuration.

The ERC045-070VG truck’s turret attachment lets you work and turn your inventory like never before. Most very narrow aisle trucks in the industry limit you to working one side of an aisleway by forks that turn in only one direction. Not anymore. Thanks to Yale’s ingenious engineering, you can work both sides of a 60-inch* wide aisle all the way to a dead end, rotating the turret attachment from left to right. You can rotate and traverse the ERC045-070VG attachment simultaneously, allowing you to easily keep it centered within an aisle.

What’s more, handling your valuable loads has never been simpler or smoother. Once you’ve positioned the truck, its’ Hi-Vis™ mast and traversing turret attachment provides easier alignment for retrieving or placing sensitive loads straight into the rack. Designed for long life with low service requirements, the simple, rugged construction of the turret attachment is the workhorse you need to actualize real gains in space savings and operator productivity.

The ERC045-070VG truck’s turret attachment only requires 2 auxiliary functions and works with a 4-function valve and a 2 auxiliary internal hose group. No external hose reels are required. Dual hydraulic cylinders provide precise control of the 180 degree rotating carriage and forks. A hydraulic motor combined with a sideshift cylinder power the attachments unique combined traverse and sideshift function and provides 52.5 inches of lateral travel with only a 47.2 inch frame. The turret attachment moves on 8 large, 3-inch rollers that are individually adjustable, so the transverse frame and pivot boom stay tight over time. The chains are easy to adjust to compensate for wear. Together the package provides smooth, efficient and reliable operation in a compact design.

Full cube utilization: the ERC045-070VG turret truck can work both sides of a very narrow aisle all the way to a dead end, maximizing your storage capabilities.

* Aisles are typically 60-72 inches for loads 36-48 inches in depth respectively.