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These man-up turret trucks incorporate state-of-the art design, advanced technology, optimal ergonomics design, and superior performance. These trucks are designed to exceed the demands of high-density warehousing and are available in three configurations:

  • Seat Side Controls without Front Barrier
  • Seat Side Controls with Front Barrier
  • Center Console Controls with Front Barrier

NTA030-35SB Spec Sheet

  • Type Very Narrow
  • Capacity range 3000-3500 lbs
  • Power steering Standard
  • Length to face of forks:/span> 135.6-159.0 in
  • Chassis width:/span> 48-69 in
  • Height:/span> 118.1-253.5 in
  • Mast maximum fork height, Simplex 525 in
  • Mast maximum fork height, Triplex 668 in
  • Drive control AC
  • Voltage 48-72
  • Max. travel speed – empty 6.5 mph

NTA030-35SB Brochure

Yale Warehouse Solutions

  • “Right Fit” Operator’s Compartment is designed to provide optimum comfort and productivity.
  • A full suspension seat with vertical adjustment allows comfortable operation of the truck either sitting or standing.
  • The NTA series design offers maximum clear space in the compartment, providing generous room for entry/exit, order picking, and all truck operations.
  • The cushioned floor mat provides comfort while operating the truck.
  • Standard fans and lights, along with optional mirrors, enhance operator comfort and visibility.
  • Seat-side Joystick Controls provide for simultaneous operation of truck functions. The operator can simultaneously control travel, cabin lift/lower, and forklift/lower. Additionally, a single push button allows synchronized control of fork rotation, centering, and traversing. The Right Hand Joystick Control provides all travel functions, lift/lower for the main mast, horn, push Off/On button for the wire guidance, and an optional lift or traverse stroke override. The Left Hand Joystick Control provides the traverse/rotate for the auxiliary mast, load handling, forks forward synchronization, and an auxiliary fourth function.