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Durability and reliability are the pillars of Yale® lift trucks used in manufacturing applications. The MRW020-30E trucks extend your time on the warehouse floor with features that enhance productivity, including the separately exited drive motor and transistorized hoist and traction controller.

Operators prefer Yale® lift trucks for their innovative design that reduces fatigue and optimizes performance. Ergonomic factors such as the convenient on-board diagnostic and large control handle promote productivity and efficiency. Designed to require less maintenance, the MRW020-30E truck is easy to service and includes fill and drain plugs to insure adequate lubrication.

MRW020-30E Spec Sheet

  • Type Walkie Reach
  • Capacity range 2000-3000 lbs
  • Length to face of forks: 55.5 in
  • Overall width: 43-57 in
  • Height Less Mast: 35.3 in
  • Right Angle Stack: 80-99 in
  • Mast maximum fork height, Simplex 141 in
  • Mast maximum fork height, Triplex 179 in
  • Drive control SEM Transistor
  • Voltage 24
  • Max. travel speed – empty 3.5 mph

MRW020-30E Brochure

  • The MRW020-030E excels in manufacturing and warehousing applications where space utilization is a consideration and load widths vary.
  • The MRW020-030E has been designed using a stationary separately ignited drive motor in conjunction with an advanced transistorized hoist and traction controller to enhance truck performance and reliability.
  • Three performance modes, easily changed by the operator through the control handle, allow you to tailor truck performance to the application.
  • The MRW020-030E bottom mounted tiller handle design optimizes the operating position and reduces the steering effort.
  • Battery Types and Accessories
  • Charger
  • Attachment Options:

    • Sidesifter
    • Sideshifting Fork Positioner
    • Rotators
    • Paper Roll Clamps
    • Push/Pulls
    • Carton Clamps
    • Clamps
    • Clamps
    • Layer Picker
    • Mobile Weighing
    • Multiple Load Handlers
    • Custom Products
    • Remaunfactured Attachments
  • Masts
  • Forks
  • Light Packages
  • Cast Aluminum Control Handle
  • Pallet Fork Lenth
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Display with Battery Discharge Indicator, Hourmeter and Staus Code Read Out
  • Operator’s Conveience Tray
  • Creep Speed Control Button (Brake Override)
  • High Load Backrest Extension
  • Cooler/Freezer Package
  • Battery Well Rollers
  • Outrigger Options
  • Keyless Toggle Ignition Switch
  • Lean Transparent Mast Shield
  • Audible Alarms
  • Strobe Light
  • Parts Manual
  • Maintenance Manual