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With its small footprint, the MPB045VG is able to move pallets in and out of tight areas, so you’ll have confidence no matter where you’re operating. And with several exclusive productivity-enhancing features, you can move your product quickly and efficiently with minimum downtime.

Smart and Durable.

This model has an optional Lithium-ion Power Solution. Allows you to Increase productivity with fast opportunity charging.

Worry Free Opportunity Charging with Li-Ion

The Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Advanced Performance Power System provides you with true worry free opportunity charging capability day after day.

  • Recharges up to 2X faster than lead acid batteries
  • Full state of recharge in 3 hours
  • Freedom from “charge memory” and battery sulfation degradation

Retrofit Li-Ion battery packs and installation kits for single, double and triple Li-Ion pack configurations are available through the PREMIER program. We also have retrofit kits for single to double, single to triple and double to triple for those customers who purchased a factory option and have decided that they want to increase their Li-Ion Ah.