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Stacking and warehousing will never be the same with the MCW025-040E stacker truck series. The superior quality of the energy efficient MOSEFT traction and hoist controller allows for greener warehousing that can contribute to your bottom line.

The ergonomic design allow for enhanced operator productivity and reduced fatigue with an innovative control handle, fingertip variable that lifts and lowers, convenient on-board diagnostics and auto deceleration system. The MCW025-040E also features hydraulic control levers, hoist unit and pump that keeps adds to the superior experience with Yale.

MCW025-040E Spec Sheet

  • Type Counter-Balanced Stacker
  • Capacity range 2500-4000 lbs
  • Length to face of forks: 65.2-77.2 in
  • Overall width: 38.3-40.3 in
  • Height Less Mast: 35.3 in
  • Right Angle Stack: 64.7-78.1 in
  • Mast maximum fork height, Simplex 148-152 in
  • Mast maximum fork height, Triplex 225-229 in
  • Drive control SEM Transistor
  • Voltage 24
  • Max. travel speed – empty 3.1-3.5 mph

MCW-E Flyer

  • The MCW025-040E excels in manufacturing and warehousing applications where load transporting and stacking/retrieving is required.
  • The MCW025-040E has been designed using a stationary separately ignited drive motor in conjunction with an advanced transistorized hoist and traction controller to enhance truck performance and reliability.
  • Three performance modes, easily changed by the operator through the control handle, allow you to tailor truck performance to the application.
  • The MCW025-040E bottom mounted tiller handle design optimizes the operating position and reduces the steering effort.
  • Robotic Version of this truck
  • Battery Types and Accessories
  • Charger
  • Attachment Options:

    • Sidesifter
    • Sideshifting Fork Positioner
    • Rotators
    • Paper Roll Clamps
    • Push/Pulls
    • Carton Clamps
    • Clamps
    • Clamps
    • Layer Picker
    • Mobile Weighing
    • Multiple Load Handlers
    • Custom Products
    • Remaunfactured Attachments
  • Masts
  • Forks
  • Light Packages
  • Cast Aluminum Control Handle
  • Pallet Fork Lenth
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Display with Battery Discharge Indicator, Hourmeter and Staus Code Read Out
  • Operator’s Conveience Tray
  • Creep Speed Control Button (Brake Override)
  • High Load Backrest Extension
  • Cooler/Freezer Package
  • Battery Well Rollers
  • Outrigger Options
  • Keyless Toggle Ignition Switch
  • Lean Transparent Mast Shield
  • Audible Alarms
  • Strobe Light
  • Parts Manual
  • Maintenance Manual