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The ERC030-040VA electric lift truck is built to exceed expectations with its outstanding efficiency and high level of productivity. Able to carry out any job within its class range to completion, the ERC030-040VA is transistorized by AC powered traction control and brushless AC traction and hydraulic motors.
  ERC-VA lift trucks are designed and built with Industrial Grade Critical Components, providing outstanding productive value and economic life.
  With maximized visibility, smooth, precise mast positioning, low-effort steering, and “human-engineered” operating controls, everything about these forklift trucks makes them easy to operate.
  The rear-opening, one-piece steel hood and the on-board diagnostics are designed with serviceability in mind and outstanding component access makes servicing fast, easy, and convenient.
  The highly efficient design of the ERC-VA improves battery shift life, saving dollars in energy costs, as well as increasing productivity through improved uptime.

Yale – Electric Forklift Trucks

Yale Announces Li-ion Ready Option

Do you have battery maintenance or performance issues, or maybe you’re looking for a power solution built for superior productivity, charging flexibility and smart sustainability? If so, configure your new Yale trucks with the new Yale® Li-ion Ready option – a “plug-in-play” solution that allows Yale trucks to be configured with lithium-ion batteries from the following suppliers: NAVITAS, Green Cubes and OneCharge.

These suppliers’ lithium-ion batteries integrate directly into this Yale model, permitting the truck to retain full functionality of its battery state-of-charge indicator, and low battery warning system.

Why the Yale Li-ion Ready option?

Yale Li-ion Ready configured trucks are uniquely designed to provide your plant or warehouse with a simple, yet comprehensive solution you can depend on.

  • Includes lithium-ion battery interface harness, special truck software and identification labels
  • Utilizes truck display to show battery state-of-charge and low battery warning system
  • Incorporates shutdown warning system for controlled truck shutdown in event of battery fault
  • Only requires the connection of one additional control wiring harness, located near the battery connector, when the lithium-ion battery is installed
  • Can configure truck to operate on lithium-ion or lead acid battery through the display
  • Can be compatible with UL Classification type**

Advantages of lithium-ion

Lithium-ion can help you reap the benefits of convenient, cost-effective performance – without the additional costs and maintenance of lead acid batteries.

  • Can support 2- and 3-shift operations, helping increase productivity
  • Charges approximately 20% faster and allows for opportunity charging
  • Can be discharged to near 100% vs. lead acid at 80%
  • Uses approximately 20% less energy while charging, reducing costs
  • Eliminates battery watering, acid, spills, fumes, equalization and cleaning
  • Minimizes labor/time required to change batteries
  • Decreases costly battery replacements and maintenance
  • Reduces need for charging rooms and added ventilation requirements
  • Has overall longer battery life and helps lower cost of operations

Other Options:

  • Battery Types and Accessories
  • Charger
  • Attachment Options:

    • Sidesifter
    • Sideshifting Fork Positioner
    • Rotators
    • Paper Roll Clamps
    • Push/Pulls
    • Carton Clamps
    • Clamps
    • Clamps
    • Layer Picker
    • Mobile Weighing
    • Multiple Load Handlers
    • Custom Products
    • Remaunfactured Attachments
  • Masts
  • Forks
  • Light Packages
  • Alternate Battery Compartment
  • Battery Removal
  • Voltage Options
  • Premium Performance Package
  • Cooler/Freezer Package
  • UL Classification Type “EE”
  • Mast Tilt Options
  • Return To Set Tilt (RTST)
  • One Quart Piston Type Accumulator – HydraSmooth
  • Hydraulic Control Options
  • Tread Width
  • Tires
  • Seats and Seat Belts
  • Short or Flat Plate Overhead Guards
  • Keyless Start
  • Directional Control Options
  • Park Brake – Automatic – Electro-Mechanical
  • Steering Wheel With or With Integral Spinner Knob
  • Audible Alarms
  • Power Convertors
  • Parts Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Mirrors
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Operator Passwords
  • Operator Pre-Shift Checklist
  • Impact Monitor With Shutdown
  • Load Weight Display
  • Rear Drive Handle with Horn Button – Available with Mechanical Levers
  • Extended Warranty
  • System Monitor – Hydraulic – Low Fluid Level Indicator and Hydraulic Filter Service Indicator
  • Maintenance Reminder – Programmable