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Heavy duty applications will be dominated with the GP190-280DC Pneumatic Tire Rider, the superior solution for rugged and tough jobs. Its easy serviceability paired with outstanding ergonomic technological advance reduces downtime and operator fatigue to improve productivity.

Yale offers a one-year 2000 hour warranty. The GP190-280DC Pneumatic Tire Rider’s durability and reliability will meet and/or exceed your application requirements for heavy duty jobs tasks.

April 6, 2017

Subject: Yale Vision Level 1 Standard, Level 3 Optional on Big Trucks


As announced on February 9, Yale Vision Level 1 Wireless Monitoring is now standard on all Yale® Big Truck models. Additionally, Level 3 Wireless Access and Verification bundle is also available as an upgrade option.

Yale Vision helps you and your customers:

  • Proactively harness big data to drive fleet size and mix optimization
  • Identify and mitigate bottlenecks in the materials handling process
  • Create insights into operator behaviors that impact the cost of operations
  • View critical truck parameters that drive customer operating costs

Yale Vision – Standard and Optional Levels

Level 1 Wireless Monitoring – Standard

Shipping standard on all Big Trucks, Level 1 Wireless Monitoring with cellular (GMS) technology enables remote truck monitoring via a web portal of key operating KPIs such as usage tracking, impact sensing, key diagnostic fault code (DTC) tracking, fuel consumption rate (gal/hr), fuel usage (gal) and engine idle time among others. In addition, Level 1 Wireless Monitoring also includes GPS Snapshot, an innovative feature that utilizes global positioning systems to provide location summary. Customers can add GPS Motion as an option which provides “bread-crumbing” capability to track truck movement and identify congestion areas. Yale Vision includes a 60 month GSM data plan.


Level 3 Wireless Access and Verification Bundle – Optional

Customers can upgrade to Level 3 Wireless Access and Verification which equips the truck with a card reader that enables operator access control to the truck. This capability enhances operator accountability and performance by linking truck activities to a specific operator. In addition, an interactive display is included to allow the operator to conveniently conduct a customizable pre-shift checklist. Historical data is stored on the cloud for reference.

Yale Vision Key Features

  • Cloud-based system available 24/7
  • Convenient impact and diagnostic fault code tracking
  • Delivers insight into real operating costs (fuel usage)
  • Provides a tool for effectively managing your workforce, training needs, operator tracking and monitoring compliance with OSHA and MSHA
  • Includes 60 month data plan at no additional cost
  • User-friendly online portal accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Virtual real-time tracking of key parameters and metrics
  • Automated monthly reporting for truck or fleet
  • Scalable offering can tailor to fleet size

  • The durable, low maintenance Cummins® QSB 6.7L Diesel engine is turbocharged, intercooled and Tier III compliant. This engine is world-renowned for durability, reliability, low life-cycle cost and ease of service.
  • The Yale® ERGOCAB™ sets new standards for visibility and comfort for both open and enclosed compartments.
  • The optional ZF WG161 transmission provides long life in heavy duty applications for reduced lifetime cost of ownership.
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