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UTILEV® UT25-30P pneumatic tire forklift trucks are available with efficient, clean-running PSI 2.4L LPG or Dual Fuel engines and a Powershift transmission, delivering low noise and vibration levels.

UTILEV® UT25-30P in action at Green Cover Seed


The use of high quality, robust components, efficient filtration and excellent cooling helps contribute to reliable operation and lower wear and tear.- All trucks feature a standard warranty of 12 Months / 2000 Hours.

The range of rigid masts provides excellent visibility for precise load handling and is available with a standard carriage, or integral Sideshifting carriage.

The familiar automotive-style controls help to ensure ease of operation. The small diameter steering wheel features light, precise steering. The steering column is tilt adjustable for optimum comfort and includes a forward / reverse lever and direction indicator lever. The manual hydraulic controls are cowl-mounted and within easy reach.

The operator compartment offers easy driver access, thanks to the low step height and conveniently placed grab handles.  The uncluttered floor plate offers excellent foot space with a traditional three pedal arrangement, for accelerator, brake and inching.

Conventional rim assembly with pneumatic bias ply tires is standard. Pneumatic shaped solid and non-marking pneumatic shaped solid tires are available as options.

UT25-30P: PSI 2.4L LPG or Dual Fuel Engines

Transmission: 1-speed Powershift

Masts: 3-stage FFL

Carriages: 41” (1038 mm) Class 2 Hook Type – UT25P   43” (1100mm) Class 3 Hook Type – UT30P

Forks: 4.8″ x 1.6″ x 42″ (1070 X 122 X 40mm) Class 2 (UT25P)   4.8″ x 1.8″ x 42″ (1070 X 122 X 45mm) Class 3 (UT30P)

Standard Pneumatic Drive Tires: 7.00-12-12PR (UT25P) or 28×9-15-12PR (UT30P)

Standard Pneumatic Steer Tires: 6.00-9-10PR (UT25P) or 6.50-10-10PR (UT30P)

Options include: Overhead Exhaust, Integral Sideshift, 3 Way Hose Groups, Cab with Heater, Full Suspension Seat, Rear Work Light, 48” forks, various tire options.