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2010 USED Railcar Mover – Trackmobile Titan

Serial: LGN988210510

The Titan is Trackmobile’s highest capacity model. It is designed for more rugged and higher duty cycle applications and optimized for the most severe rail conditions and for operator comfort.

  • 6 cylinder engine sized for optimal performance
  • 100 cfm air compressor std. equipment
  • Pivoting main frame
  • Air Ride suspension
  • Largest cab

Trackmobile Titan pulling 14 Railcars

When your needs are less demanding we provide a wide selection of Pre-owned equipment from major manufacturers evaluated and in the condition you require to meet your specific equipment requirements.

World’s Greatest Highlights Trackmobile

  Viking Hercules Titan
Maximum Tractive Effort 42,689-44,850 lbs. 44,718-45,995 lbs. 49,500 lbs.
(Double Coupled) [19,363-20,344 kg] [20,284-20,863 kg] [22,453 kg]
Maximum Tractive Effort 27,014-28,515 lbs. 28,383-29,660 lbs. 33,100 lbs
(Single Coupled) [12,253-12,934 kg] [12,874-13,454 kg] [15,014 kg]
Engine Cummins QSB-4.5 Liter, Cummins QSB-6.7 Liter, Cummins QSB-6.7 Liter,
  Turbo-Charged Diesel Turbo-Charged Diesel Turbo-Charged
  Engine, Engine, Diesel Engine,
  4 Cylinder, 4 Cycle 6 Cylinder, 4 Cycle 6 Cylinder, 4 Cycle
Transmission / Torque Converter Funk DF Series, Four Speed Forward and Reverse
Transfer Case Heavy-Duty, Hardened Alloy Steel Spur Gears. Oil Bath Lubrication
Rail Drive Axles Two Axletech Model PRLC, Planetary Type
Road Wheel Drive Interlocking Lug Drive
Frame Heavy-Duty 2″ [51 mm] Thick Welded Frame
Rail & Road Brackes Hydraulic-Actuated Disc Brakes
Train Air Brakes 16 CFM 100 CFM 100 CFM
  Engine-Driven Transmission P.T.O. Driven Compressor Transmission P.T.O. Driven Compressor
Parking Brake Spring Applied, Air-Released, Disc/Caliper
Rail Wheels 27″ [686 mm] Heat-Treated Cast Steel. (AAR Specification)
Road Wheels 16-ply, 9.00 x 20 16-ply, 9.00 x 20 20-ply, 12.00 x 20
  Heavy-Duty, Heavy-Duty, Heavy-Duty,
  Mine Service Rubber Tires Mine Service Rubber Tires Mine Service Rubber Tires
Rail Gauge Standard Gauge: 56 1/2″ [1435 mm]    
  (NOTE: Additional Rail Gauges Available as an Option)    
Electrical System 12-Volt DC, 160 Amp Alternator, 925 CCA Dual Batteries
Air Intake System 3-Stage Filtration, High-Efficiency Pre-Cleaner Tubes, Primary Filter,   2-Stage Filtration,
  Safety Filter   Primary Filter, Safety Filter
Power Steering Hydraulic Steering System, Pivoting Steering Wheel
Hydraulic System Constant Pressure Hydraulic System, with Piston Pump
Couplers Various Coupler Styles Available
Sanders Eight Individual, Air-Operated, Electrically-Controlled Sanders