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2006 USED Rail Car Mover – Trackmobile TM4250

Serial: LGN986700109

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Trackmobile TM4250 video

Trackmobile 4250TM

Tractive Effort Rating: 42,814 lbs., 27,139 lbs.

when one coupler used.

Engine: Cummins 6BT5 9C turbocharged diesel. 6

cylinder 4 cycle. 152 HP.

Transmission & Drop Case: Constant mesh

gearing. 4 speed, electronically controlled

forward and reverse for both road and rail

operation, with flex plate torque converter

drive. Shift protection. Gear and diagnostic LCD


Low Range:

Rail: 0-2.4 mph

Road: 0-1.5 mph

Second Range:

Rail: 0-4 mph

Road: 0-2.5 mph

Third Range:

Rail: 0-8mph

Road: 0-5.1 mph

Fourth Gear:

Rail: 0-13.6 mph

Road: 0-8.7 mph

Rail Wheel Gear Case: Heavy duty, hardened

alloy steel spur gears. Oil bath lubrication.


Rail: Air over hydraulic power actuated, 18”

diameter disc on all 4 rail wheels. Train Braking,

53CFM. Two AAR glad hand connections at front

and rear. Road wheel, drum and shoe. Parking,

mechanical and drum.


Rail – 27”diameter, heat treated cast steel.

Tapered tread contour to AAR specifications.

Road – Rock service 16 ply 9.00 x 20 tube type

tires, heavy duty suspension, hydraulically

operated to extend and drive on road or retract

for rail operation, electronically controlled.

Equipped with road wheel position indicator.

Frame: Heavy duty, all welded steel plate

construction. 2” thick slab frame side members.

Couplers: Two heavy duty, cast steel,

Trackmobile pioneered weight transfer design.

Positive coupling insure to railcars with AAR

contour and locking knuckle. Air operated

knuckle release from cab for easy coupling and

uncoupling. Traversing and weight transfer

controlled through joystick.

General Specifications:

Wheelbase – 121”

Width – 117.5”

Length – 155”

Height – 140”

Weight – 34,400 lbs.

Operator Cab: Totally enclosed cab, easy to use

controls. 360 degree visibility, rearview mirror for

road operation. Dual controls for rail operation. Two

electric windshield wipers, cab heater and defroster

fan. One door on each end for convenient access.

Dual foot controls for rail operation. Interior sound

level under 85DBA. Isolation mounts for body frame

and cab. Full instrumentation including engine


Hydraulic System: Constant pressure hydraulic with

Sunstrand piston pump. Centrally located

electrically controlled cartridge monblock valve.

Equipped with diagnostic pressure gauge. Parker

hoses with “O” ring face seal.

Sanders: Air operated, eight sanders, two for each

rail wheel, front and rear.

Lights: Forward and rear tail/stop lights. Halogen

front and rear lights for night operation, either on

road or rail. Track mounting light for placing unit on

rail at night.

Steering: Hydrostatic steering system. Truck type

linkage and spindles.

Warning signals: Blast type air horns. Back-up alarm

for road operation.

Factory Installed Options: Air bell, cab extension,

5# fire extinguisher, engine block heater, Ether

start, strobe light, turn signals, cab air conditioning,

central lube system, protect-o seal fuel cap, spot

light, snow plow, track mirrors/cab side, heavy duty

air intake pre-cleaner, MAX-TRAN auto weight

transfer system.

Note: Dimensions and weight do not include any

optional equipment. Specifications are subject to

change without notice.

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