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Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

The 5680 walk behind floor scrubber can improve cleaning productivity for operators. Add Tennant’s ec-H2O NanoClean® or FaST® scrubbing technologies and reduce water and detergent use in your environment.

The Tennant 5680 is one of the top machines in it’s category. The power and performance of this 28″ scrubber makes it a desirable machine for many different applications.

The Tennant 5680 does not include a drive motor – the machine is propelled forward by the friction of the pads on the floor.

The Tennant 5680 is constructed out of a heavy-duty combination of impact absorbent linkages and corrosion-resistant polyethylene tanks. The disc deck makes it perfect for use on finished floors, and we can help you in selecting the right kinds of pads or brushes for your specific situation.