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The GW751 is not only the interim Tier IV upgrade of the GW750-II, the GW751 also brings with a 25% increase in top speed, allowing contractors to get the job done faster. Adding to the impressive reputation of the GW750-II for longitudinal joint compaction, difficult density paving jobs, base course, and an impressive record on airport paving specifications, the GW751 also features Sakai’s new ECO-mode, allowing compaction performance at up to 25% reduced fuel usage.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Vibrating pneumatic tire roller – the only one of its kind!
  • Dynamic forces offer compaction greater than that of a 55,000 lb static pneumatic
  • Several amplitude and frequency settings/combinations per drum at operator’s station
  • 16 inch wide adjustable pressure pneumatic tires
  • Excellent tire edge visibility
  • Great side and curb clearance
  • Separate release agent tank
  • ROPS and seatbelt
  • Front and rear lights
  • Braking lights
  • Mirrors
  • Two operator seats for greater side visibility


Pneumatic Tires 14/70-20-12PR (OR)
Weight 19,690 lbs | 8,930 kg
Gradability 38%
Pressurized Spray 148 gal (74×2) | 560 liters (280×2)
Rolling Width 77 ins | 1,955 mm
Centrifugal Force Ranges 1,750 lbs/5,505 lbs/9,415 lbs/13,125 lbs | 8 kN/25 kN/42 kN/58 kN
Vibration Frequency 2,400 vpm | 40 Hz
Make & Model Kubota V3800-CR-TI-WDR (Interim Tier 4)
Horsepower 108 Hp @ 2400 rpm | 80.8 kW @ 2400 min-1
Systems Hydrostatic Service Brake + SAHR Parking Brake + Combined Footbrake


  • Skirt kit
  • Temperature sensor
  • Cocoa mat kit
  • Strobe/Beacon
  • Halogen work lights kit
  • LED work lights kit
  • Extended warranty