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Introducing a unique machine with endless possibilities. The new JCB Teleskid is the first skid steer or compact tracked loader with a telescopic boom, making it the most versatile machine you’ve ever seen. It can reach higher, further and deeper than any other skid steer on the market and can access areas you wouldn’t have thought possible.

The New JCB Teleskid in Construction

The new JCB Teleskid is the only skid steer or compact tracker loader with a vertical reach of over 13ft and a forward reach of 8ft, allowing it to go places and do things others can’t.

  • Reaching to over 13ft in height lets you easily and quickly load trucks or feeders without needing a ramp.
  • With a 3695Ib (3TS-8T) lift capacity, the JCB Teleskid can handle the heaviest of loads.
  • Pile material higher than ever before, freeing up valuable floor space.
  • A forward reach of 8ft allows reaching through and over obstacles for the first time.
  • Now you can reach 3ft below ground for the first time, letting you rip out trees and roots.

At full extension, the compact track loader has 1600lb load capacity and the skid steer loader has 1300lb capacity enabling heavy items to be placed without damaging the ground.

  • The first skid steer and compact track loader with both vertical and radial lift.
  • Zero turning radius allows you to work in tight spaces.
  • With an SAE operating weight of 12615lbs on the compact track loader and 9859lbs on the skid steer loader, the JCB Teleskid can easily be transported between sites on a trailer.
  • A standard flow option of 24gpm allows you to operate attachments when fully extended.
  • An SAE/ISO standard quick hitch lets you utilize any skid steer and compact track loader attachment. With single point-quick hitch lock and unlock flag for increased visibility.