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JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions with E-TEC, a new generation of electric products with zero exhaust emissions, greatly reduced noise and no compromise on performance.

The 19C-1E is JCB’s first fully electric mini-excavator and the first JCB E-TEC machine offered in North America. The 2-ton (1.9-tonne) 19C-1E is ideally suited to construction and excavation applications within enclosed or urban job sites, or noise- and emissions-sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools. It offers the same power and more torque as comparable diesel-powered machines yet produces zero exhaust emissions and one-fifth of the noise.

The 19C-1E is cost-efficient too. JCB research indicates that electric charging costs for the 19C-1E will be 50 percent lower than fuel costs for a comparable diesel-powered machine over a five-year ownership period. Similarly, with fewer consumable spare parts and fluids, servicing costs will be up to 70 per-cent lower.



  • Bucket tear-out of 4,046 lb
  • On-board charger with standard, domestic 110V input for 12-hour recharging. Available 230V charging option for 8-hour recharge or fast charge option for 2-hour recharge.
  • Three lithium-ion batteries creating 313 Ah (15 kWh) of capacity, enough to power through a typical workday on a single charge. An optional four-battery pack increases capacity to 417 Ah (20 kWh) and delivers an additional two hours of continuous use.
  • Retractable tracks to move through narrow entrances
  • Bosch Rexroth load-sensing hydraulic system for excellent digging performance to a maximum dig depth of 9 feet 3 inches (2.82 meters).
  • 500-hour greasing intervals (dig end and dozer)
  • 48-volt electric driveline generating peak power up to 27 hp (20 kW)
  • Twin flow auxiliary circuit 8 GPM (32 l/min)