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The JCB VM 200 vibrating roller is our biggest single drum soil compactor. It’s nevertheless powerful and accurate, giving you quick, high quality results. It weighs 19,700 kg, has a drum width of 2100 mm and is powered by a highly efficient Cummins 6.7 litre 129 kW engine (TIER3).The VM 200PD drum roller is built to perform, again and again and again. That means building it to last. It’s an approach we’ve taken with all of our compaction rollers, with every sophisticated component built to perform and cost you less. Just take the single-piece eccentric shaft with overturning weights, which produces optimum performance and minimum maintenance.In fact performance is so good that compaction is best in class on the JCB VM 200 vibrating roller. No wonder when you consider that standard equipment includes an Automatic Vibration Control, superb front-rear weight distribution, a switchable anti-slip system (SASS) and heavy-duty no-spin axles.