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Building on 50 years of expertise, JCB’s new generation 67c are the strongest, most high-performance compact excavators in the 6 metric ton class that we’ve ever built. They’ve been painstakingly developed in direct response to our customers’ needs and, as such, they feature performance, versatility and productivity by the bucket load. These JCB excavators also offer you low cost of ownership, superior ergonomics, rigorous safety features, and easy servicing. So if you’re in the market for a 6 metric ton excavator, you’ll find this new generation is in a 6 metric ton class of its own.


  • Operating weight (metric tons)6.69
  • Operating weight (lbs)14,740 Bucket


  • Net hp51.5


  • Total flow of main pumps, implement & swing (gpm)38
  • Max relief valve pressure (psi)3,626


  • Arm (stick) length used for dimensions & forces (ft/in)6’7″
  • Max dig depth (ft/in)13’4″
  • Max depth of vertical wall (ft/in)9’7″
  • Reach @ ground level (ft/in)21’2″
  • Dump height (ft/in)13’10”
  • Boom swing, right/left (deg)60° / 60°
  • Bucket digging force (lbs)10,611
  • Arm (stick) force (lbs)6,789
  • Lift over end, 10′ radius @ ground (lbs)6,978


  • BladeBlade (std, opt, none)
  • Max blade width (ft/in)6’7″


  • Track shoe or rubber track width (in)16
  • Max travel speed (mph)2.9


  • Transport length (ft/in)18’4″
  • Transport height (ft/in)8’6″
  • Transport width (ft/in)6’7″
  • Tail overhang over side (in)15
  • Length of track on ground (ft/in)6’6″

The JCB 67c excavator has a JCB Diesel by Kohler common rail Tier 4 final-compliant engine powers these latest 6 Metric Ton machines. By using a DOC, turbocharger and intercooler, we’ve increased power to 51.5hp at just 2200rpm, and there’s also 221.3 lbf ft of torque.

With a JCB 67c, tractive effort and 3.1mph tracking speeds are class leading so high dozer capabilities and fast travel times are guaranteed. Our auto kickdown motors help to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue by automatically adapting to changes in terrain.

A JCB 67c compact excavator offers superb spoil retention during truck loading courtesy of a huge 200° bucket rotation. For total versatility, you can specify your perfect arm length, ranging from 5’5″ – 6’7″.

2 arm options are available for the 67c; 5’5″ and 6’7″ giving increased performance and more versatility. A JCB compact excavator 2-piece boom offers close reach, high digging capacity and excellent dump reach.

Because you may want to operate many versatility-enhancing attachments, the 67c have twin auxiliary lines with both high and low hydraulic flows. These lines are proportionally operated via the electrics, with full adjustability for optimum attachment control.

In order to provide a winning balance of high performance and easy-clean low soil retention, we’ve completely overhauled our compact excavator’s dozer profile and angle. Tapered lift points are located behind the blade edge for their protection.