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The new 508-66 lift-and-place telehandler can reach up 66 ft. with a 3,000-lb. load when its two front stabilizers are deployed. That’s enough reach to set a load of material or piece of equipment atop a six-story building.

With the stabilizers set, the 508-66 can also raise its 8,500-lb. maximum load to a height of 33 ft., or reach forward 52’6” with a 400-lb. load.

The machine can also handle loads with its stabilizers raised. Lifting just off the tires, it can raise 1,000 lbs. to a height of 32’8”, lift 8,500 lbs. up to 18 ft., or place 400 lbs. at 31’8” of forward reach. It can also travel while carrying up to 8,500 lbs.

All of that reach and capacity come from a compact machine that has a turning radius of  13’6”, weighs 28,627 lbs., and stands just 7’10.5” wide, 22’5” long, and 8’10.5” high.