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The JCB 437ZX is designed to maximize efficiency and, with it, productivity. As such, it’ll save you time, money and a whole lot more. Built using the finest components – a Cummins engine, ZF transmissions and axles, and Rexroth pumps – the 437ZX will last the distance. And, with 173horsepower, 801Nm and a 69 gallon/minute hydraulic circulation, it’ll perform to the max throughout. It’s all-day comfortable – a comfy operator is, after all, a productive one. It’s also safe, serviceable and, with features like Eco mode and Auto Idle, it’s highly fuel-efficient too.

Wheel Loader 427 437 Brochure and Spec Sheet


Inclined, equally spaced access steps, together with well-positioned grab handles, make for safe access to a JCB 437HT.
•The JCB 437HT has superb all-round visibility, courtesy of interior mirrors, heated exterior mirrors and bonnet mirrors.
•Non-slip walkways and additional grab handle options make operators safe climbing onto the JCB 437HT.
•The JCB 437HT cab is isolator-mounted, compliant with ROPS/FOPS standards, and positively pressurised against dust. You can choose from fresh air, carbon and P3 – HEPA recirculation filters as well.