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The JCB 427 is designed to maximize efficiency and, with it, productivity. As such, it’ll save you time, money and a whole lot more. Built using the finest components – a Cummins engine, ZF transmissions and axles, and Rexroth pumps – the 427 will last the distance. And, with 158hp, 408 in3 and a 70 gal/min hydraulic circulation, it’ll perform to the max throughout. It’s all-day comfortable – a comfy operator is, after all, a productive one. It’s also safe, serviceable and, with features like Eco mode and Auto Idle, it’s highly fuel-efficient too.


  • Bucket capacity (cu yds)3.1
  • Bucket edgeBolt-on
  • Bucket capacities, min-max (cu yds)2.3 – 3.5
  • Bucket widths, min-max (in)100- 106


  • Operating weight (lbs)29,126


  • Transmission type*PS
  • Number of speeds, fwd/rev4|3
  • Max travel speed, fwd/rev (mph)23.56 / 14.45


  • Reference tire size20.5R24


  • Net engine power (hp)146
  • Engine makeCummins
  • Engine modelQSB6.7
  • Breakout force (lbs)27,651
  • Static tip load, straight (lbs)17,183
  • Static tip load, full turn (lbs)14,623
  • Dump clearance, full height @ discharge (ft/in)10’10”
  • Dump reach, full height @ discharge (in)47
  • Bucket hinge pin height (in)171
  • Bucket linkage type*P


  • Length w/bucket on ground (ft/in)23’9″
  • Width over tires (ft/in)8’6″
  • Height to top of cab (ft/in)10’11”
  • Wheelbase (ft/in)9’10”
  • Ground clearance (in)17
  • Turn angle, either side (deg)40°
  • Turning radius, bucket carry (ft/in)19’8″

Finite element analysis and rig testing give the JCB 427 superior structural strength and durability. Cold cell testing guarantees starting performance down to -4F.

We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes like robot machining, precision paint technology and innovative assembly techniques to guarantee the very highest levels of quality for the JCB 427.

The articulation joint on a JCB 427 has a heavy-duty box section – stronger than a single plate with boss. For added protection, the 427’s steering rams are high up, and its hoses are routed neatly through the articulation joint.

There’s a heavy-duty centre pin and oversized bush on the JCB 427’s articulation joint for even more durability, as well as twin taper roller bearings that can tolerate both vertical and horizontal loadings.

The rear counterweight and cast quarter pillars protect the 427’s cooling pack and the back end of the machine from damage.