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Yardmaster II reach stackers support load capacities up to 101,000 lb and are claimed to have the tightest turning radius in the container handling industry. Built with a Cummins 10.8L QSM 11 300 horsepower engine for an unladen lift speed of 94 ft/min, the Yardmaster II reach stackers can move the heaviest loads quickly and efficiently. In addition, the truck’s boom allows for lifting 9’6″ or 8’6″ containers five-high in the first row. The Yardmaster II series utilizes a combination of engine, transmission and hydraulic technologies. Improvements in cycle speeds enable the movement of more containers per hour, while an improved hydraulic system increases dependability and minimizes maintenance time. The series also features the Hyster ComforCab II, designed to optimize driver comfort and visibility for maximum productivity.

April 11, 2017

Models: RS46-29CH and RS46-33CH (D222)

Subject: Enhancements and New Model Names for D222 Reach Stackers


Hyster Company proudly announces product enhancements for the series code D222 ReachStacker line-up.

RS45-27CH and RS45-31CH models will see 1st and 2nd row capacity increases to 101,000 lbs (46,000 kg) in the first row. The RS45-27&31 models will carry new model names: RS46-29&33. The chart below clarifies the capacity improvements for both models. All of the larger models maintain existing capacity ratings and model names. This product family will be referred to as the RS46 series from now on.


This capacity increase brings even more flexibility and productivity, allowing heavier loads with a Hyster® Reach Stacker.


A total of seven container-handling models in the RS46 series are available (up to the RS46-41XLS 2nd rail machine), all allowing capability for stacking and storage of containers in the first row for up to five or six containers high and up to three container rows deep. In addition, a wide range of options and special solutions are available to ensure an excellent match of the truck to almost any application.

New features on all trucks

The standard truck configuration has been upgraded:

  • LED brake, backup and strobe lights
  • LED cabin dome light; optional reading light is LED
  • Joystick requires less rotation, improving ergonomics and control
  • Coat hook inside the operator compartment

New options available LED and High-Performance LED work lights – 

New LED and high-performance LED work light package options are now available, enhancing operator productivity with better visibility at night and in low-light areas. These high-performance LED lights (HP-LED) deliver the same luminosity as the HID Xenon lights, but provide substantially longer life. With the introduction of these new lights, HID lights will no longer be available.

Rear view camera –  A rear view camera is now available, enhancing visibility and awareness for the operator when driving backward. The system is available in two configurations:

  • With display mounted behind the operator (just under the rear window) for the operator to see when they are facing rearward, or
  • With display mounted in front of the operator when they are forward facing. This option is not recommended for reverse driving, as the operator should always look in the travel direction.

The display location can be tailored to the customer’s preference and requirements, providing the best solution for the application.

The camera is mounted on top of the counterweight, providing an optimal view angle. When reverse gear is selected, the monitor is automatically activated.

Seats & seat belts –  RS46 seat offerings have been updated:

  • A deluxe seat with vinyl cover has all the excellent ergonomic features of the current deluxe (cloth) seat.
  • Non-deluxe air suspension seats are no longer available.
  • All seats are equipped with a red, high-visibility, two-point seat belt as standard.

All deluxe seats can be ordered with either a two- or three-point seat belt.

April 6, 2017

Subject: Hyster Tracker Telemetry Solution Now Standard on all Big Trucks


As announced on February 9, Hyster Tracker is now standard on all Hyster® Big Trucks. Hyster Tracker asset management provides a proactive way to:

  • harness big data to drive fleet size and mix optimization
  • identify and mitigate bottlenecks in the materials handling process
  • create insights into operator behaviors that impact the cost of ownership
  • view critical truck parameters that drive customer’s operating costs

Wireless Monitoring (Level 1)

Hyster Tracker wireless monitoring with cellular GSM connectivity is standard on all Hyster® Big Trucks. Wireless monitoring enables remote truck monitoring via a web portal of key operating KPIs for your operation, including:

  • usage tracking
  • impact sensing
  • key diagnostic trouble code (DTC) tracking
  • fuel consumption rate (gal/hr)
  • fuel usage (gal)
  • engine idling
  • container counts

Wireless Access & Verification (Level 3)

Hyster Tracker wireless access and verification is available as an upgrade. With the wireless access upgrade, the truck is equipped with a card reader that enables operator access control to the Hyster® truck. Access capability at the truck enhances operator accountability and performance by linking truck activities to a specific operator. In addition, an interactive display is included to allow the operator to conveniently conduct a customizable pre-shift checklist. Historical data is stored “in the cloud” for reference.

GPS Snapshot, an innovative feature utilizing global positioning systems to provide location summary, is included for both levels. GPS Motion is available as an option, providing “bread-crumbing” capability to track truck movement and identify congestion areas. Both levels also include a 60 month GSM data plan

Key Features of the Hyster Tracker Telemetry System

  • Cloud-based system available 24/7
  • Online user-friendly portal access anywhere, anytime
  • Automated monthly reporting (can assist in replacement planning)
  • Virtual real-time tracking of important metrics
  • Convenient impact and diagnostic trouble code tracking
  • Provides insight into operating costs (fuel usage)
  • Provides a tool for effectively managing a workforce, training needs, operator tracking
  • and monitoring compliance with OSHA and MSHA


Hyster Company announces the RS46-41XLS ReachStacker with extended wheel base for intermodal applications. The 2nd Rail ReachStacker handles up to 73,855 lbs at a 252″ load center. This model offers all of the features and options available on the standard wheelbase ReachStacker models including boom, spreader and spreader attachment options.

Key Features:

  • Same options and feature content as other trucks in the RS 45/46 Series line of Hyster® ReachStackers
  • 2nd rail handling capacity of up to 73,855 lbs at a 252″ load center
  • Available with Power Pile Slope (PPS), Wide Twistlock Position (WTP) Spreaders and trailer-handling legs
  • Up to 25% faster cycle times than operations that require servicing from both sides of the rail
  • Up to a 20% fuel savings vs. Tier 3 engines from prior years due to:
    • Robust EPA Tier 4 Final Cummins QSL 9L engine or Tier 3 Cummins QSM 11L option*
    • Spicer Off-Highway TE-32 4-speed powershift transmission enables smooth shifting, precise inching and fast acceleration
    • On-demand hydraulic system consumes up to 10% less fuel than typical fixed displacement hydraulic systems
    • On-demand cooling system only draws power when cooling is required
    • Automatic throttle-up improves ergonomics and operator productivity
    • Hibernate idle (Tier 4 Final only)

ECO-mode selectable performance levels: ECO-eLO and HiP (Tier 4 Final only)