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The series comes standard with a Tier 4 Final Cummins QSB 6.7L engine rated at 230hp (peak horsepower) with a ZF WG 211 5-speed powershift transmission.

Quality processes manufacturing Hyster® Jumbo Trucks

The H400-450HD/S series with Tier 4 Final engine features:
Integrated drivetrain with emission reduction package that includes cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for nitrogen oxide (NOX) reduction
Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) for particulate matter removal and a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) delivery system.

Together these features deliver as much as 22%* lower fuel consumption over Tier 3 products.

Intelligent Design

Engineered for tough applications, the series is ideal for long load centers, wide loads and heavy duty-cycle conditions. Performance optimization technologies such as selectable ECO-modes, idle management and on-demand cooling, work harmoniously to reduce fuel consumption on these trucks. A heavy duty cooling package ensures low operating temperatures and improves the longevity of hydraulic pumps and other major components.

The H400-450HD/S series features a load sensing on-demand hydraulic system that delivers flow only when required. The system?s variable displacement pumps are capable of more oil displacement, even at low pump speeds, meaning the engine runs at lower speeds, extending the life of components. In addition, the on-demand hydraulic system consumes up to 10% less fuel than a typical fixed displacement hydraulic system, while also producing less heat and noise.

Serviceability & Ergonomics

To simplify technician access to powertrain and hydraulic components, the series is constructed with dual gull-wing hoods and an optional tilting cab. New galvanized running boards and an improved fender design provide a broader, more comfortable standing area for service technicians, as well as easy entry and exit for operators. Furthermore, the trucks low profile carriage design, coupled with the low cowl cab design present outstanding fork tip and rearward visibility for operators. The series also offers an optional light-emitting diode (LED) light kit available in mast- or cab-mounted versions.
Tier 4 Final Key Features of H400-450HD/S Series:
Tier 4 Final Cummins QSB 6.7L engine with SCR, DOC and DEF.
ZF WG 211 5-speed powershift transmission.
Water-cooled variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) design combines the benefit of both a small and large turbocharger in a single unit, enabling Hyster® Tier 4 Final engines to achieve significantly improved response compared to Tier 3 engines.
On-demand hydraulics: The unique variable displacement pump design enables the load sending hydraulic system to only provide the required hydraulic flow to do the work.
The Idle Management System is another exclusive feature designed to save fuel without compromising the job. If the engine is idling for a period without any demands from the operator, it will drop rpms and enter into “Hibernate Idle”.
The on-demand engine cooling system is designed so that the cooling fan will provide only the level of engine cooling required. Because the fan will usually be running lower, noise levels are reduced and less fuel is consumed.
Automatic throttle-up feature enables the truck to operate within its most efficient speed under varying load conditions.
ECO-mode selectable performance levels: ECO eLo mode provides good performance, and optimizes the engine for best fuel economy. Hi-P mode provides the highest productivity, and is still able to deliver excellent fuel economy.

April 6, 2017

Subject: Hyster Tracker Telemetry Solution Now Standard on all Big Trucks


As announced on February 9, Hyster Tracker is now standard on all Hyster® Big Trucks. Hyster Tracker asset management provides a proactive way to:

  • harness big data to drive fleet size and mix optimization
  • identify and mitigate bottlenecks in the materials handling process
  • create insights into operator behaviors that impact the cost of ownership
  • view critical truck parameters that drive customer’s operating costs

Wireless Monitoring (Level 1)

Hyster Tracker wireless monitoring with cellular GSM connectivity is standard on all Hyster® Big Trucks. Wireless monitoring enables remote truck monitoring via a web portal of key operating KPIs for your operation, including:

  • usage tracking
  • impact sensing
  • key diagnostic trouble code (DTC) tracking
  • fuel consumption rate (gal/hr)
  • fuel usage (gal)
  • engine idling
  • container counts

Wireless Access & Verification (Level 3)

Hyster Tracker wireless access and verification is available as an upgrade. With the wireless access upgrade, the truck is equipped with a card reader that enables operator access control to the Hyster® truck. Access capability at the truck enhances operator accountability and performance by linking truck activities to a specific operator. In addition, an interactive display is included to allow the operator to conveniently conduct a customizable pre-shift checklist. Historical data is stored “in the cloud” for reference.

GPS Snapshot, an innovative feature utilizing global positioning systems to provide location summary, is included for both levels. GPS Motion is available as an option, providing “bread-crumbing” capability to track truck movement and identify congestion areas. Both levels also include a 60 month GSM data plan

Key Features of the Hyster Tracker Telemetry System

  • Cloud-based system available 24/7
  • Online user-friendly portal access anywhere, anytime
  • Automated monthly reporting (can assist in replacement planning)
  • Virtual real-time tracking of important metrics
  • Convenient impact and diagnostic trouble code tracking
  • Provides insight into operating costs (fuel usage)
  • Provides a tool for effectively managing a workforce, training needs, operator tracking
  • and monitoring compliance with OSHA and MSHA