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Hyster Company  Man-down turret truck

Access both sides of aisles with turret truck’s 180-degree pivoting head. 

Combining the storage density capabilities of a man-up turret series into a sit-down counterbalanced unit is a new, man-down turret truck from Hyster.

Ideal for narrow aisle applications, the vehicle’s turret attachment includes a 180-degree pivoting head. This enables operators to easily work both sides of very narrow aisles measuring as little as 60 inches wide (handling 36-inch pallets). Unguided and raising loads up to 232 inches high, the vehicle’s compact construction allows all open rack space to be used, increasing operational efficiency.

In addition, the truck maneuvers with forks perpendicular to the truck and in a true turret position, allowing the vehicle to navigate directly from a very narrow aisle to a dock without requiring a load to be transferred to another vehicle.