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A versatile lift truck designed for indoor use, this truck series is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as Paper mills, industrial and commercial machinery, and primary metal products. Using a truck from the S80-120FT series of forklift truck series means low cost of operations, dependability, and owning a unit that’s still going strong long after the day’s work is done. With features like the GM 4.3L V6 engine providing excellent power, and the Pacesetter VSM on board computer managing and optimizing performance and reliability, the S80-120FT series gives you the power to get more done. Oil cooled wet disc brakes provide excellent stopping power and extremely long service life. And they are completely sealed from water and dirt making them ready for your harshest environments. (Standard on Fortis Advance+) Out ergonomically designed operator compartment includes an optimized step height with non-slip tread, soft touch contoured hand grip, and an infinitely adjustable steer column all designed to enhance productivity. A superior counterweight tunnel design coupled with a pusher type fan and enhanced shroud design improves airflow and significantly reduces the recirculation of hot air to maximize cooling capabilities. The Hyster Fortis line of lift trucks offers two hydraulic control configurations that employ, cowl mounted levers and TouchPoint mini-levers to provide unsurpassed, low effort control of all hydraulic functions.

S80-120FT Tech Guide

  • Manufacturer NameHyster Company
  • ModelS100FT
  • EngineKubota 3.8LLPG
  • Rated Capacity (lb)10000
  • Load Center (in)24
  • Power TypeLPG
  • Operator TypeSit-Down Rider
  • Step Height (in)15.6
  • Tire TypeCushion
  • Wheels,2x/2
  • Lift Height (in)110
  • Standard Carriage Width (in)42
  • Forks (in)2X6X48
  • Fork Spread (in)38.3
  • Mast Tilt Angles,Forward/Backward5 deg / 6 deg
  • Length To Forks (in)108.6
  • Overall Width (in)46.1
  • Height – Mast Lowered85 (in)
  • Height – Mast Extended159 (in)
  • Overhead Guard (in)86
  • Turning Radius (in)96.3
  • Wheel to Forks Length17.8 (in)
  • Right Angle Stack (in)114.1
  • Travel Speed (mph)10.5
  • Lift Speed (ft/min)110
  • Lowering Speed (ft/min)100
  • Max Drawbar Pull (lb)7851/3803
  • Max Gradeability (%)33/26
  • Weight (lb)15329
  • Axle Loading (lb)6339/8990
  • Front Tire Size (in)22X12X16
  • Rear Tire Size (in)18X8X12.2
  • Wheelbase (in)70.5
  • Ground Clearance (in)4.6
  • Service BrakeFoot Control/ Hydraulic Operation
  • Parking BrakeHand Control/ Mechanical Operation
  • Battery TypeMaintenance Free
  • Volts12
  • Engine ModelKubota WG 3800LPG
  • Output (hp)91
  • Torque (ft/lbs)221
  • Number of Cylinders4
  • Standard Speeds01
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity 20.5 (gal)
  • Pressure Relief for Attachments2250 PSI

S80-120FT Brochure

  • Kubota 3.8L LPG engine
  • Electronic powershift transmission
  • Electronic inching
  • Electronic shift control
  • Premium wet disc brakes
  • MONOTROLpedal
  • 2-stage limited free-lift (LFL) VISTA™ mast with maximum fork height of 120″(S80FT and S80FT BCS) or 110″ (S100-120FT and S120FTS)
  • 42.0″ wide hook-type carriage with 48.0″ tall load backrest
  • 42.0″ long forks
  • 5 degrees forward and 6 degrees backward mast tilt
  • 3-function hydraulic control valve
  • Integrated dashboard display includes:
    • LCD display:
    • Hour meter
    • Coolant temperature
    • Clock
    • Messages
    • Service indicator lights:
    • Alternator
    • Transmission oil temperature
    • Engine oil pressure
    • Brake fluid level
    • Fasten seat belt
    • Engine malfunction
    • System malfunction
    • Park brake
    • Coolant temp
    • Forward, reverse and neutral direction indicators
  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Non-suspension vinyl seat
  • Electronic horn
  • Adjustable steer column
  • Rubber floor mat
  • High air intake
  • Integral tie downs
  • Operator restraint system
  • Heavy duty anti-clog radiator
  • Single pedal inch brake
  • Hyster Stability System (HSS)

Bolzoni Bale Flyer

Bolzoni Rotator Clamp Flyer

Bolzoni Paper Industry Brochure

Hyster S120FT Bolzoni Paper Clamp Video

  • Techtronix transmission
  • Auto deceleration system
  • Controlled power reversal feature
  • Controlled roll back on ramps
  • Optional Techtronix two-speed transmission
  • Higher gradeability and drawbar pull performance
  • Additional forward speed
  • Increased travel speeds
  • Powertrain protection system
  • Premium electronic monitoring
  • High air intake with precleaner
  • TouchPoint mini-lever, electro-hydraulic control with on demandhydraulic system
  • On-demand cooling system
  • Full venting package
  • Accumulator
  • Keyless start (with auxiliary key switch)
  • Traction speed limiter (included w/DuraMatch™)
  • Paper applications kit
  • Swing-out, drop-down EZXchange LPG tank bracket
  • Return to set tilt
  • Rear drive handle with horn button
  • Semi-suspension seat – vinyl or cloth
  • Full-suspension seat – vinyl or cloth
  • Swivel full-suspension seat – vinyl or cloth
  • Various light packages with halogen or high intensity
  • LED
  • Two front, and one rear work light
  • Two front, one rear work lights and two LED brake/tail/ back-up lights
  • High-visibility non-cinch seat belt with or without interlock
  • Impact monitor
  • Load weight display
  • Operator pre-shift checklist
  • Dual inch brake pedals
  • Password protection
  • Audible reverse activated 82-102 dB(A) self-adjusting alarm
  • Visible amber strobe light – continuous activated,overhead guard mounted
  • Parts publications – printed or CD, serial number specific
  • UL Classification LPS