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At Hyster we are proud of our Big Truck product line. Our H800HD-H1050HD/S diesel engine powered lift trucks will conquer applications that require moving heavy duty loads ranging from 80,000-105,000 pounds. We have incorporated proven designs from our very successful container handlers to create one of the most durable, dependable and most powerful trucks in the world. These big truck models are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as sea ports for moving and stacking loaded and unloaded containers, steel manufacturers, and mining operations. Operators compartment / cab (ComforCab II) on the H800-1050HD/S models includes a front mounted cab designed for outstanding fork tip visibility. 3-way adjustable seat, 6-way adjustable arm rest control module “Soft touch” mini levers offer a more ergonomic design Multi-function display panel located to the right of operator Lever controls or optional joystick provide optimum hydraulic control This series of big trucks is powered by the strong and reliable Cummins® QSL 9L diesel engine that is EPA Tier 4 compliant and generates 350 HP. Both the Cummins Engine and S.O.H. TE 27 transmission have shutdown systems monitoring low oil/high temperatures. In the event this would happen, the lift truck would de-rate. If the unit continued to show either low oil or high temperatures, the unit would power down. The same AxleTech drive axle that is used on the H1050HD- H1150HD-CH loaded container handler and YardMaster II are used in this truck series. Multiple wet disc brakes are incorporated in the drive axle to provide excellent control and longer life The electrical system utilizes sealed deutsch connectors (automotive quality) throughout. The wires are single colored and numbered for ease of tracing.

Quality processes manufacturing Hyster® Jumbo Trucks

April 6, 2017

Subject: Hyster Tracker Telemetry Solution Now Standard on all Big Trucks


As announced on February 9, Hyster Tracker is now standard on all Hyster® Big Trucks. Hyster Tracker asset management provides a proactive way to:

  • harness big data to drive fleet size and mix optimization
  • identify and mitigate bottlenecks in the materials handling process
  • create insights into operator behaviors that impact the cost of ownership
  • view critical truck parameters that drive customer’s operating costs

Wireless Monitoring (Level 1)

Hyster Tracker wireless monitoring with cellular GSM connectivity is standard on all Hyster® Big Trucks. Wireless monitoring enables remote truck monitoring via a web portal of key operating KPIs for your operation, including:

  • usage tracking
  • impact sensing
  • key diagnostic trouble code (DTC) tracking
  • fuel consumption rate (gal/hr)
  • fuel usage (gal)
  • engine idling
  • container counts

Wireless Access & Verification (Level 3)

Hyster Tracker wireless access and verification is available as an upgrade. With the wireless access upgrade, the truck is equipped with a card reader that enables operator access control to the Hyster® truck. Access capability at the truck enhances operator accountability and performance by linking truck activities to a specific operator. In addition, an interactive display is included to allow the operator to conveniently conduct a customizable pre-shift checklist. Historical data is stored “in the cloud” for reference.

GPS Snapshot, an innovative feature utilizing global positioning systems to provide location summary, is included for both levels. GPS Motion is available as an option, providing “bread-crumbing” capability to track truck movement and identify congestion areas. Both levels also include a 60 month GSM data plan

Key Features of the Hyster Tracker Telemetry System

  • Cloud-based system available 24/7
  • Online user-friendly portal access anywhere, anytime
  • Automated monthly reporting (can assist in replacement planning)
  • Virtual real-time tracking of important metrics
  • Convenient impact and diagnostic trouble code tracking
  • Provides insight into operating costs (fuel usage)
  • Provides a tool for effectively managing a workforce, training needs, operator tracking
  • and monitoring compliance with OSHA and MSHA

H800-1050HD Tech Guide

  • ManufacturerHyster
  • ModelH1050HDS
  • Rated Load Capacity (lbs)105,000
  • Load Center (in)48
  • Load Distance (in)49.3
  • Wheelbase (in)212
  • Weight w/o Load (lbs)133,402
  • Axle Loading w/ Load (lbs)222,951 / 15,451
  • Axle Loading w/o Load (lbs)69,766 / 63,636
  • Tire TypePneumatic
  • Tire Size – Front18 x 25-40PR
  • Tire Size – Rear18 x 25-40PR
  • Mast Tilt, Forward / Back 6 deg / 10 deg
  • Height of Mast Lowered (in)203
  • Lift Height (in)173
  • Height Extended (in)288
  • Overall Length (in)389
  • Length to Load Face (in)302
  • Overall Width (in)165
  • Fork (in)5.5 x 11.8 x 96
  • Carriage Width (in)124
  • Ground Clearance (in)15
  • Right Angle Stack (in)426
  • Turning Radius (in)280
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity (gal)174
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (gal)219
  • Travel Speed (mph)12.4
  • Lifting Speed (ft/min)51
  • Lowering Speed (ft/min)98
  • Drawbar Pull (lbs)81,830
  • Gradeability (%)41 / 49

H800-1050HDS Brochure

Hyster Big Truck Brochure

  • 173″ maximum fork height 2-stage Vista™mast with 204″ lowered height
  • 124″ wide pin type fork positioner with individual fork control
  • 96″ long forks (5.5″x 11.8″ section)
  • Seatside hydraulic control mini-levers
  • Cummins QSL 9L engine delivering 363 peak horsepower with after treatment package
  • Integrated heavy duty air intake pre-cleaner with dual element filter
  • Spicer Off-Highway 4-speed auto-shifting transmission with APC200 shift controller
  • Kessler D102 planetary drive axle with wet disc brakes
  • Powertrain protection system for engine and transmission, high temperature or low oil pressure
  • 219 gallon fuel tank
  • 174 gallon hydraulic tank
  • 15 gallon DEF tank
  • CANbus electrical control system for engine, transmission and hydraulics
  • 18.00 x 25-40PR bias pneumatic drive and steer tires
  • Directional control lever with directionchange interlock system
  • Mast tilt: 6 deg fwd/10 deg back
  • Enclosed cabin module with: seatside mini-lever hydraulic control; multifunction display panel; interior wide angle mirrors; recirculation fan; telescoping & tilting steering column; steering wheel with spinner knob; floor mat; isolated mounting for low noise and vibration; 24-12V DC converter; front, top & rear wipers; heater
  • Mechanical, full-suspension cloth seat withintegrated, adjustable armrest and seat belt
  • Operator restraint system
  • Operator presence system
  • Left & right hand side stairway & handrails
  • Exterior mirrors mounted on front fenders
  • Electric air horn (112 dBA)
  • 24V electrical system
  • Halogen light kit includes 6 forward facingand 2 rearward facing lights
  • Visible alarm – amber strobe light – keyswitch activated
  • Audible alarm – reverse direction activated
  • Non-locking fuel cap
  • Lockable battery disconnect switch
  • Steer wheel lug protection
  • Chain anchor protection
  • Operator’s manual
  • Removable, lightweight deck plates allowaccess to complete engine compartment forease of service

Stevedoring Forklift

  • Cummins QSM 6-cylinder diesel engine
  • Masts-various lift heights ranging from 281″ – 503″
  • Apron-style sideshifting carriage with fork>positioners
  • High capacity thin line quick disconnect (QD) pin type forks
  • Multi-function joystick
  • Radial tires
  • Larger 18.00 x 33 tires
  • Air conditioning
  • Various inside-cabin options
  • Various seat options
  • 2 and 3-point high-visibility seatbelts
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon lighting
  • Lockable fuel cap
  • Hydraulic accumulator
  • Traction speed limiter
  • Empty seat engine shutdown-adjustable
  • Mast tilt indicator
  • Automatic greasing system for base truck
  • Centralized greasing provision for mast chain sheaves