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The empty container handling market is seeing an increase in handling two containers at once (known as double handling) due to efficiency and productivity gains. In addition, the total number of refrigerated containers (known as reefers) being handled worldwide is growing.

In response to these changes, Hyster Company is pleased to announce the new H180-230HD-EC/D series of single and double empty container handlers. With this introduction, Hyster Company is the first manufacturer to offer a true 23,000 lbs empty container handler capable of handling 2 reefer containers with both refrigerator units on the same side.

H180-230HDECD Brochure

The Hyster® H180-200HD-EC6/7/8 single and H200-230HD-ECD7/8/9 double empty container handlers (series E214) are specifically designed to satisfy the increasing productivity and cost of ownership demands of port operations, including operations that are currently handling reefers in pairs or will need to do so in the future.

These container handlers offer a fuel efficient, right-sized engine coupled with powertrain features such as on-demand hydraulics, on-demand cooling, high-performance (Hi-P) and ECO (e-Lo) performance modes and machine performance tracking via Hyster Tracker telemetry. Together these features can deliver as much as 22% lower fuel consumption (versus Tier 3 products produced 5 years ago), resulting in more than $32,000 in potential fuel costs savings over 10,000 hours.* Service intervals for the transmission (2,000 hours) and hydraulic oil (10,000 hours) have been extended and can contribute to an additional savings of more than $4,000 over 10,000 hours.** Options such as a factory-installed automatic greasing system and powerful, long-life LED lights provide low cost maintenance.


*Based on a normal usage duty cycle, a 3,000 hour per year application and a fuel cost of $2.50 per gallon. Fuel consumption cycle testing conducted March 2014 at HYG Big Truck Development Center. Results may vary based on application, physical environment, fuel quality, etc.

**Based on D214 Level 3 (every 1,000 hours) transmission oil, Level 5 (every 3,000 hours) hydraulic oil preventive maintenance schedule, transmission oil cost of $15/gallon, hydraulic oil cost of $14/gallon and $100/hour labor rate.

This series features new, stronger durable masts. The newly designed 2-stage masts can handle net loads up to 23,000 lbs and provide excellent through-mast visibility. Features of the new masts include a variable roller lap design one set of heavy duty, long life lift chains (versus two sets on the previous version and an integrated routing of the hydraulic hoses and cable groups within the inner mast section, which provides additional durability.

The display in the cab now shows the spreader and truck functions (replacing the twist lock module mounted in the cab front screen found on the previous series).


The newly designed spreaders have reinforced center and end beams and feature CANbus controls and reefer correction side shift as standard. Powered Pile Slope is standard on double handling spreaders and optional for single handling spreaders. In order to meet the demands of handling 2 reefers at the same time regardless of the refrigeration unit position, double spreaders are designed to hold up to 23,000 lbs.


  • Raised height operator compartment 39″ (1000 mm) above standard height provides operators a higher vantage point for seeing trailers
  • Automatic tip up operator compartment helps operators during high stacking
  • Automatic one-touch extend 40′ / retract 20′ spreader function
  • Mast mechanical tilt indicator allows operators to see the mast angle
  • High performance LED light kits
  • Rearview camera
  • Additional seat offerings (high visibility seatbelts are now standard)
  • Stainless steel fuel strainer in filler neck