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Container Up Ender

The cost effective solution for tipping containers

  • This is a full 20-40ft auto spreader with special hydraulically operated tipping pins that attach to the top corner castings of a 20ft container
  • The customer can hook either the front or the rear of the container depending on whether the customer requires to load or unload the container
  • A 90° tipping angle can be achieved with this operation 
  • 40ft containers can also be tipped using this attachment but to a max angle of 20°
  • As with the standard Auto Spreader this container Up-Ender has front, rear and side guides allowing easy pick up of the container
  • The front and rear guides can be removed and special wide side guides can be supplied as an optional extra for lifting 45ft containers
  • Extra lift points can also be supplied on this attachment for lifting other loads via chains or slings 
  • Each Combi-SC is modular