Forklift from Seat PerspectiveInterested in a forklift? Good. But it’s a big decision. Will you go new or used? What type? What brand? What capacity? So many questions to answer. Read below for some guidance and let us help you make a decision. Lets revert back to elementary school days and look at the five famous “W”s.


Many forklift buyers are not actually purchasing for him/herself but on behalf of the company. If that’s the case, you must keep the end user in mind. Every operator has certain preferences and past experiences. What does he/she like? What have they been efficient with in the past? What are they trained on? These will help narrow down you selection greatly. Seek out the input of those operators if you can and weight their valuable answers into your decision. 


Just like cars, there are thousands of different forklifts, each with certain benefits and drawbacks. You need to focus on your own company’s needs and the project(s) at hand. You need to select the equipment that will be most productive and efficient to get the job done right and on-time. This leads to a number of other questions. 

  • What do you need your forklift to physically do?
  • What is the heaviest item you need to lift? (What’s the capacity you are looking for?)
  • What attachments or add-ons do you need?
  • What is the work environment like and the dimensions of the space?
  • What is the tallest height you need to lift objects to?
  • What type of fuel capacity do you prefer?
  • What type of goods will you be handling?

Your choice of equipment becomes much simpler when you narrow down the selection around the way the forklift will be put to use  


You may have a project scheduled in the future and are starting your research well in advance. Or, you may have a big project that you are currently working on and your forklift just failed and now you need a replacement ASAP. How timeframe will certainly affect what products are in stock and what can be delivered to you during certain times. Additionally, consider how long will you need to use the forklift – both its daily use, and use over time. Do you need to purchase or can you get a way with renting or leasing. Often times, businesses only need to rent to tackle short-term projects successfully. You should also think about the season of when the forklift will be used. Are certain attachments or tires required to tackle the outdoor environment? 


There are various models made specifically for indoor and outdoor use. And don’t forget about tires and attachment that make it more easy to wield in certain conditions. Driving on gravel? Wood? Cement? Snow? You always want to be aware of the surrounding and work area where the forklift will be operated. It will help narrow your selection down greatly. 


Making the right decision is important for any business. Choosing the right forklift can save time, money and improve productivity in the long run. How one goes about reaching that decision is crucial and youre doing the first part right now: research. Check out different models and review capabilities. Diagnose the attachments youll need, and review all the various specs. Finally, ask the experts. We are here to help and can provide answers to any questions you may have.

Going through these 5 Ws will help make your purchase decision much easier and help increase productivity in your warehouse or plant. Forklifts are great business investments and must be treated in that nature. Good luck in your search!


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