Features That Deliver

Innovation for its own sake doesn’t solve problems. Yale is committed to delivering innovative solutions that can help deliver lower cost of operation through improved ergonomics, efficiency, dependability or serviceability. 

Innovations for ergonomics and efficiency

Multi-Function Control Handle

The multi-function control handle with the integral palm rest affords simultaneous control of the lift/lower function and the tilt function and one auxiliary function. In addition, infinitely variable hydraulic functions provide precise and smooth control.

Foot Directional Control Pedal

With the Foot Directional Control Pedal you have one single foot control for acceleration and changing direction between forward and reverse. This innovative pedal design leaves an operator’s hands free for steering and operating hydraulic levers, which can help improve productivity.

Load Weight Display

The Load Weight Display senses hydraulic pressure in the lift circuit to establish the load being lifted. The display provides a simple, easy-to-read indication of the load on the forks, a benefit for arranging loads for shipment or estimating contents of containers (where only approximate accuracy is required).

Accutouch Mini-Levers

Precise fingertip control of multiple functions enhances operator comfort which can help increase productivity. Three- and four-function valves are available for clamping and non-clamping arrangements. For finite control of attachments, auxiliary function flow can be adjusted down to a preferred level through the dash display.

Return-to-Center Steering

Option Return-to-Center Steering automatically guides the lift truck wheels to center forward position after turning. This feature is a fully electric steering system that can help improve productivity, particularly on the Yale® Order Pickers.

Innovations for lower cost of operation

AC Motor Technology

Yale AC traction and pump motors are less complex than conventional DC motors, providing superior torque, speed capabilities, reliability and thermal performance. All of this means:
• Lower overall temperatures compared to the equivalent DC motors of equal output
• No need to service brushes, brush rigging and motor commutators
• No arching, no sparking – no maintenance to brushes, brush springs or bearings
• Overall periodic maintenance intervals can be extended 500 hours in normal operating environments

LED Advantage

LED lamps are extremely tough. There is no glass to shatter and no filament to break, so these lamps can take abuse far beyond that of an incandescent bulb. They are extremely efficient and can emit light equal to an incandescent bulb while consuming as much as four to five times less amperage.

Impact Monitor

The Impact Monitor is an effective method for reducing damage to the truck, the facility and the product being moved, based on improved operator accountability. The Impact Monitor constantly senses the truck’s movement and looks for acute variations in movement that may resemble the forces of an impact. The customer can save thousands of dollars that would have been spent on repairs or damaged product due to improper operation of the lift truck.

Innovations for dependability and serviceability

Hi Vis™ Mast

The Yale Hi Vis mast features a nested channel design, full-face straight load rollers canted at three degrees, solid steel cast cross-members and a large visibility window. Brass side thrust plugs allow easy mast adjustment during periodic maintenance without removal or disassembly of mast. The Hi Vis™ mast is Yale designed and Yale built to precise specifications.

Hydrostatic Steering

The backbone of any lift truck is the steer axle. The Yale® steer axle is durable, reliable and virtually maintenance-free.

Operator Pre-Shift Checklist

With the Operator Pre-Shift Checklist option, the operator can be required to answer questions to confirm he or she has inspected the unit prior to operation. The vehicle system can be programmed to prevent truck ignition if the check was not completed or if an issue requires attention before the truck can be operated properly.