The Hyster Parts Customer Portal

Handling all your material handling needs.

Full access to all parts inquiries and shopping from one online location for a nominal annual fee. Search for parts & products, create & merge shopping carts from related sites, place orders, and track shipments.

24/7 Access to parts ordering

  • Hypass Online
    • Select a truck
      • To begin your search using Hypass OnLine, select a truck by class, series code, model number or serial number.
    • Search by component, assemblies or sub-assemblies
      • Throughout Hypass you can get additional information on how to use the tool and find additional information by using the question mark symbols.
  • Hyster Online Parts Order
    • Find a part and order online
      • The Online Part Order Services system allows an inquiry by part number for all major brands of lift trucks and the ability to place an order. There are a variety of report capabilities and order tracking capabilities. You may view orders compiled but not “checked out” under the “unconfirmed orders” button. You, also, have visibility of orders that you have “checked out”, save lists of parts and/or import and export parts lists.
  • My Downloads
    • This area of the Customer Portal is designed for the customer specific reference: a truck serial number listing by customer location, frequently used parts lists, etc., anything that suits your needs.

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