Chain inspections are VITAL to the life of your lift truck … A worn chain can comprise truck and operator safety!


ANSI Standard 829.8-2002 pertains to the inspection (at least every 6 months or 1,000 hrs., whichever comes first) and replacement of worn or damaged chain. The average lift truck, (Classes I, II, IV & V) can reasonably be expected to consume more than one set of chains over its effective life span.


Our trained technicians can inspect your chain to determine if there is:

  • Elongation
    • 3% or more elongation and the chain should be replaced Lengthening of chain can reduce strength by as much as 18%
  • Rust Corrosion
    • May cause side plate cracking and reduced load carrying capacity
  • Misalignment
    • Damages the chain and sheaves and causes internal friction in the chain
  • Cracked Plates
    • Chains MUST be replaced if a crack is discovered
  • Protruding and Turned Pins
    • Pins will turn and slowly work out of the chain causing failure
  • Chain Anchor and Sheave Wear
    • Will be checked for wear, damage, and incorrect alignment
    • Anchors with worn or broken fingers MUST be replaced


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