Go Paperless

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Easily access your paperless invoices & statements online, and eliminate the hassles of paper storage.

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Paperless Invoices & Statements

Go paperless and help simplify your life


Safe and secure

When you go paperless, no one can access your account information by intercepting your mail or going through your recycling.


Always available

You can securely access your account invoices & statements online.


Reduce clutter

It’s an easy way to get less mail every month. And there’s no need to store your invoices & statements—they’re available to you on Liftech.com.


Help the Environment

Making paper uses a lot of water, a lot of trees and a lot of chemicals. The process also releases some chemical compounds into our air and rivers, including cancer-causing dioxins. So by reducing our need for paper, we can make the environment a little bit cleaner.