Attachments allow forklifts and construction equipment to become more versatile in what they can accomplish. Liftech offers various parts, accessories and attachments for your forklift or heavy equipment to create a more efficient and comprehensive material handling solution. Find products from brands you’ve come to know and love like Bolzoni Auramo, Cascade, Helac Corporation, Long Reach, Paladin, Sweepster and Woods. Quality attachments allow you to personalize your lift to help reach, shift or function in a way that meets your specific needs. 

Some popular attachments carried by Liftech include:yalepaperclampborder

  • Forklift Attachments
  • Construction Equipment Attachments
    • Angel Boomsnv503021_0
    • Attachments for Compacting
    • Attachments for Concrete and Materials
    • Attachments for Fine Grading
    • Backhoe & Excavator Quick-Attach Couplers
    • Blades
    • Boom-Mounted Tools & Accessories
    • Booms and Sticks
    • Breakers
    • Brush Grapples
    • Buckets for Backhoes and Excavators
    • Buckets for Loaders
    • Grapple Forks
    • Heavy-Duty Demolition Grapplesnv502747_0
    • Loader Attachment
    • Loader Quick-Attach Couplers
    • Magnetic Sweepers
    • Rakes
    • Rippers
    • Scrap Grapples
    • Shears, Crushers & Pulverizers
    • Snow Removal Blades and Attachments
    • Tracks For Over Skid-Steer Wheels
    • Wheel Loader Buckets
    • Wood and Brush Attachments

Safety guidelines do not change when using attachments. Be sure to follow proper standards and regulations at all times. Liftech will install attachments to your equipment and offers training for many of the attachments we sell. Just another added service to ensure customer satisfaction.

The attachment needed depends on what you are transporting, as well as the workspace or environment. Barrels, pallets, boxes and other inventory items may all require a separate attachment for easy transport. Browse our inventory or speak with a sales rep and learn the best attachment(s) that can help enhance your forklift or construction equipment today.