Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.16.50 AMForklifts are essential pieces of equipment in the material handling industry. They perform tasks that humans simply cannot get done on their own. While forklifts are a huge asset to any warehouse, understand that they are potentially dangerous in any situation. The best way to minimize injury is through a certified training course. Here’s just a few reasons as to why you should become forklift certified.

Its the Law

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is a subdivision of the United States Department of Labor, requires any forklift operator to hold an OSHA forklift certification. This is to ensure workplace safety and avoid injury. OSHA can fine employers up to $7,000 if an operator is caught driving without proper training. And that number can jump all the way to $70,000 if the administration discovers obscene negligence in the case. Also, remember that all forklift operators must be 18 years of age or older. Failing to adhere to this rule can also result in a fine. Keep in mind too that insurance companies are likely to reject claims if the operator is not forklift certified. This means the employer will have to pay out of pocket.

Safety First

OSHA and other various studies claim there are roughly 100 deaths caused by forklift accidents annually in the United States. There are another 30,000+ serious injuries related to the heavy equipment. Remember, all present employees can be affected by forklift accidents, not just the operator. Becoming forklift certified can help bring these statistics down and create an overall safer work environment for everyone.

Cost Savings

Accidents not only put workers in danger, but also product. Damaged product can create a loss for the company. Plus, forklifts that are involved in accidents and endure constant misuse have to be repaired, which also adds up over time. These are expensive machines and must be treated so. Many businesses, especially SMBs, can avoid large amounts of product loss through proper training. The cost savings comes as a result of less accidents, less downtime, and more efficiency. 


Practice makes perfect, right? This can be applied to nearly everything in life. Employees who are properly trained and certified are more efficient and productive. Forklift operators are no exception. Efficiency will increase as employees get more and more comfortable operating the heavy machinery. OSHA certification looks to help operators keep safety in midn while also continue improving their driving and operating skills. Certification not only gives employees the necessary training, but also a sense of pride and confidence behind the wheel.

Competitive Edge

This benefit is geared more towards an individual applying for a job than a company as a whole. Having necessary certifications will definitely give you a competitive advantage over other applicants for a few reasons.

  • Shows you are skilled for the job: If you are applying for a position that requires the use of a forklift, it’s imperative that you have experience and training on these units.
  • Less time spent training on you: A company would prefer to put a new hire right to work rather than spend valuable time and money on training.
  • Shows you are proactive: Earning your OSHA certification prior to being hired shows that you are not only abiding the law, but genuinely care about the industry and safety of you and those you work with.

OSHA certifications last for three years and must be renewed accordingly to avoid any legal issues. Fore more information on OSHA certification trainings, please click here.

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