balyoWith Driven by Balyo technology the Yale MPE080-VG end rider and MO70T tow tractor become robotic lift trucks, with smooth movement and controlled acceleration and speed. Relying on structural features such as walls, building columns or racks, the Driven by Balyo technology self-locates and navigates loads throughout your operation with ease, optimizing workflow.

Whether you want to manage a single truck or an entire fleet, the Balyo architecture has the flexibility to meet your operational demands, as well as the ability to interface with a range of operating systems providing greater visibility to load movement for increased accuracy. 


Automate with Yale® Lift Trucks Driven by Balyo


Yale Driven by Balyo Brochure

Yale MO70T Driven by Balyo Spec Sheet Tow Tractor

Yale MPE080-VG Driven by Balyo Spec Sheet Low Lift Pallet Mover

Yale High Lift Stacker Driven by Balyo, also, available