Heavy Equipment and Forklift Rentals

jcbrentalRenting forklifts and other various construction equipment makes sense when you need a product for only a short period of time. That could include seasonal work or short-term projects. Forklift and equipment rentals are also ideal for those looking to save money rather than purchasing a forklift.yalerental


Liftech takes the hassle out of forklift rentals by providing quick and excellent service from the research phase to delivery to the return stage. We offer gas, diesel and electric models at affordable prices.


Depending on location, Liftech can deliver rentals with our s40-70ftown trucking services within hours of your order. This allows customers to complete their jobs faster and more efficiently. Other benefits:

  • Latest equipment available at reasonable rates
    • We stand behind every model we offer and guarantee its productivity
    • Try new models and see if they’re for you before purchasing
  • No long-term financial commitments
    • Eliminate maintenance and repair costs
  • Only pay for the time you use the equipment
  • Exact attachment fittings for each machine
    • Attachments give the forklifts versatility to complete a number of jobs
  • Local response team in case of need for repair or replacement
    • Timely repairs in hours
    • On call 24/7

These benefits all help our customers complete their tasks more efficiently, which is why Liftech is a trusted source for construction equipment rentals. Have a short-term project? Let Liftech help you find the best equipment to get you working today. Get in touch today!