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Low Hours. Buy for $25,500. Rent for only $2,600 per month or $1,000 per week. 

The SCM-27 Vibroscreen Serial: 14-132-SCM-27 is the perfect solution for your small projects. It is ideal for your mini charger with a ½” to 1 cubic yard bucket. The vibrating head with two decks offers a screening capacity up to 60 yards per hour.


The material is loaded from above in the hopper’s superior section. The superior deck is generally used to make a first rough sorting, protect the lower screen, and optimize quality and productivity. The sifted material is found under the hopper, while the coarser material of 2 decks is found on the side of the frame.

Type Description Value
Capacity Maximum single load ½ to 1 cubic yard
Cycle time, average 30 seconds
Shaker head decks 2
Screen area 54″ x 72″ (27 sq-ft)
Deck settings 1½” x 1½” (top), ¾” x 5″ (bottom)
Weight Gross 6,530-lbs
Tongue weight 1,870-lbs
Towing Hitch type Adjustable pintle hook
Axle type Single axle, Single wheels
Suspension None
Brakes Electric
Landing gear Hydraulic axle and manual front jack
Lights and mud flaps Included
Hydraulics Pump capacity 5.6 gpm @ 3200 RPM
System relief 2,500 psi (20.6 bar)
Hydraulic tank capacity 8.5 gallons
Oil type Grade ISO 32
Engine Make Yanmar L100V, 1 cylinder, 4 cycles
Type Vertical, Air cooled
Power 9.1 HP
Fuel capacity and type 6.8 gallons of diesel
Oil type 10W30
Cold starting Glow plug
Electrical Battery type 12 volts
Battery capacity 300 C.C.A.
Alternator 15 Amps
Starter 12 volts
Engine shut down Oil pressure, Over heat
Dimensional Specifications Overall Length 15″-8″
Transport Height 9′-1″
Overall Width 6′-8″
Hopper Dumping Width 6″-11″
Operating Height 8′-6″
Underneath Capacity, bucket width 6′-11″
Underneath Capacity, bucket height 54″@72″


Engine…………… 12 months (Yanmar)
Machine………… 12 months

Wing plate extensions