Forklift and Heavy Equipment Financing and Leasing

We understand that purchasing forklifts or construction equipment is a big investment, regardless of the product being new or used. That’s why we offer forklift and heavy equipment financing options to help meet your budget. Through financing, we can work with startup-financing1you to control cash flow and get you working on those important projects quickly. Please complete the form if you’re interested in financing information for your next purchase. Liftech offers affordable payment plans for most items in our inventory. 

Liftech also offers flexible forklift and heavy equipment leasing options. For short term projects or if your needs only require minor usage, this could be the best plan. This allows our customers to have the most up-to-date machinery at all times. Other benefits include lower up-front costs and no long-term commitments. 

Complete the form on the right to inquire about our leasing and finance options. We’ll contact you and help get the information you need to begin placing an order. Any questions, let us know!

We, also, offer paperless billing when it comes to our financial plans. Click Go Paperless to sign up for paperless billing. Some advantages of this include:

  • It’s eco-friendly
  • Saves paper and avoids clutter
  • Instant, real-time alerts